Blog Topics and Schedules

Hello #OSINT community!

Thank you for your amazing support! We’re all working very hard to make OSINTCurious a success!

This is just a short explainer on what you can expect from our blog and most importantly when and how often we will publish.

We’ve decided to introduce weekly topics that are presented and discussed in our blog posts. So, every #OSINTuesday at 1500 GMT a new topic gets introduced in the form of a how-to, case study, or a combination of both. On special occasions, we’ll also publish special reports, so make sure to follow @OSINTCurious.

The first topic of the week will be “Python, your friendly OSINT helper” – a topic that many curious OSINT’ers have requested. If you have more suggestions and ideas, please fill out the form here.

In the meantime, stay #OSINTCurious and follow us for more updates.