Thank you, Saddam

alone-beach-blue-skies-934718Ha! In deciding who to thank for being OSINT curious, I have to go back to 2002 and the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was in the US Army as an Arabic linguist and an analyst. SIGINT was the game then, but as the lead analyst, I wanted to make sure my team knew the context of the events going on so that we could better understand our own mission. I started creating a newsletter of various sources related to our work monitoring Saddam Hussein’s military. That newsletter ended up going far and wide and made me wonder what else I could find. After leaving the Army, I found myself in a position where my job was 100% OSINT collection and analysis for the DoD. So, thanks Saddam!

My name is Kirby Plessas (kirbstr on the social web) and I am always OSINT curious.