Corporate Reconnaissance

As an Open-source Intelligence professional you will undoubtedly be tasked with performing corporate reconnaissance at some point in your career. Corporate reconnaissance consists of investigating critical things such as contracts, financials, history, subsidiaries, organizational structure, governmental regulations, and third-party vendors. There are copious reasons an organization may request this kind of analysis be done on a competing company. However, more often than not the request … Continue reading Corporate Reconnaissance

Special OSINT Curious Webcast at SANS OSINT Summit

We are thrilled to announce that we will be doing a live OSINT Curious Podcast/Webcast recording on 18 February 2020 around 1700hrs Eastern USA time. Since many of us people from The OSINT Curious Project will be at the SANS Institute OSINT Summit (, we thought that it would be an excellent way to recap and wrap up the day’s excellent OSINT talks. Up to … Continue reading Special OSINT Curious Webcast at SANS OSINT Summit

Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Guest blog post by Jeff Lomas (@BleuBloodHound). Jeff is a detective and digital forensic examiner for a large metropolitan police department in Las Vegas where he has worked for the past 11 years. Jeff executes search warrants on every imaginable digital devices for other detectives and turns the data extracted from these devices into actionable intelligence for other investigators. Introduction Digital forensics or DFIR investigations … Continue reading Combing Through Video Faster Using DFIR and OSINT Skills

Google Dorks

The term ‘Google dorks’ has been around for quite some years by now and is used for specific search queries that use Google’s search operators, combined with targeted parameters to find specific information. And in the webcast/podcast of early December we reached out to the listeners, to send us your favourite Google Dork. We grouped the dorks by the type of target information that it … Continue reading Google Dorks

The new Facebook Graph Search – part 2

This blogpost is inspired by @djnemec‘s Github gist, which you can find here The next step In this part, we’re talking about combining searches. Just like in part 1, we will be translating JSON to Base64. And of course we’ll take you through it step by step 🙂 What to combine? Well, you can only combine when you stay in the same category. In … Continue reading The new Facebook Graph Search – part 2