Five Things You Can Do To Stay OSINT Curious

Whether you’re new to OSINT or an experienced OSINT professional, there is one thing we all have in common, and that is OSINT curiosity. It’s that urge to click on everything and understand how things work in the background. It’s that passion which makes you want to learn more and more, and it’s that investigative curiosity that keeps you digging until you’ve finally found that … Continue reading Five Things You Can Do To Stay OSINT Curious

Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper

Ho ho ho and…Merry Christmas! It’s #OSINTuesday, and here’s our first blog post: Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper! On this week’s blog, we have three smaller blog posts, each of which discusses Python in relation to OSINT. In the first one, Lorand briefly highlights some advantages and disadvantages of automating OSINT with Python and provides useful online learning resources. In the second blog post, @WebBreacher … Continue reading Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper

Blog Topics and Schedules

Hello #OSINT community! Thank you for your amazing support! We’re all working very hard to make OSINTCurious a success! This is just a short explainer on what you can expect from our blog and most importantly when and how often we will publish. We’ve decided to introduce weekly topics that are presented and discussed in our blog posts. So, every #OSINTuesday at 1500 GMT a … Continue reading Blog Topics and Schedules

Thank you, Pierre!

Hey everyone, my name is Lorand – @LorandBodo – and in this post, I want to tell you my story of how I became OSINT-curious… Several factors sparked my interest, but the story begins when I came out of the military and was thinking about what I should do next in my career. I knew I was interested in international security and terrorism in particular … Continue reading Thank you, Pierre!