Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to OSINTCurious, a place for investigators and journalists, private investigators and intelligence officers, recruiters and everyone that is passionate (or at least curious about) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and investigations.

While sitting around a table and chatting about what a great OSINT community is growing in pockets on the internet, some of us realized that there was a piece missing from our community.

  • We have frameworks and start.me pages listing thousands of URLs and tools.
  • We have chat rooms and Slack groups where we can discuss interesting topics and current events.
  • There are social media profiles and podcasts that keep us informed about breaking news and cutting-edge techniques.

So what is missing? Something that ties all of this together; a trusted source for no BS, no attitudes, no eCommerce gimmicks. Just knowledge sharing and community. That is this place.

When our little founding group discovered this gap, we decided that we’d make a web site that would aggregate community events, hold virtual OSINT conferences, and become a source for OSINT blogs on a huge variety of topics. That is this place.

This place is for you, for your coworkers, for your families, and for anyone that wants to better understand what can be found within open sources and how people are using that data for positive and sometimes negative purposes. That is this place.

So, come join our inclusive OSINT oasis, read the articles, participate in virtual conferences but mostly, come here to learn, to grow, and to continue to be OSINTCurious.