Webcast 20200920 – #43

This week’s guest is Emmanuelle Welch (@frenchpi)

Emmanuelle Welch is a Licensed Private Investigator, Certified Fraud Examiner, and owner of French Connection Research, a private investigative agency in Brooklyn, NY, licensed in New York and Washington, DC. She specializes in white-collar crime investigations, cross-Atlantic litigation support and OSINT analysis. She integrates dating and hook-up apps into all types of investigations and maintains a directory: https://start.me/p/VRxaj5/dating-apps-and-hook-up-sites-for-investigators. Emmanuelle is a co-author of The Art Of Investigations. She currently serves as the vice-president of New York’s Society for Professional Investigators (SPI).

People in this Episode

  • Nico Dekens (@DutchOSINTGuy)
  • Matthias Wilson (@mwOsint)
  • Lorand Bodo (@LorandBodo)
  • Nixintel (@nixintel)
  • Kirby Plessas (@kirbstr)
  • John (@gumshoo)
  • Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae)

Links to what we discussed

Self Promotion

  • Nixintel will be publishing a series of 10-Minute Tips on our OSINTCurious YouTube account
  • Go check out Kirby’s webinar series on kirbyplessas.net
  • Gumshoo has some SANS classes coming up
  • The Society of Professional Investigators has a free webinar where they introduce the investigative toolbox on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 at 6PM. More info here: https://spionline.info/meetinginfo.php?id=41&ts=1600364186