Webcast 20200906 – #42

Welcome back!

We are back with a brand new episode after our one-month summer break! In this week’s episode, we catch up with the latest OSINT news, as usual!

People in this Episode

  • Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher)
  • Nico Dekens (@DutchOSINTGuy)
  • Lorand Bodo (@LorandBodo)
  • Sector035 (@Sector035)
  • Technisette (@technisette)
  • Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae)

Links to what we discussed

Self Promotion

  • Micah will be at the OSINT Symposium in Australia and OSMOSISCon in October
  • Rae will be presenting at the Bsides conference in Copenhagen on 18/19 September
  • Lisette will be presenting at OSMOSISCon in October – check out her new website too