Changes at OSINT Curious

The world was different in 2018 when the founding members of The OSINT Curious Project saw a need to create a stronger OSINT community. To inspire. To create a source of trusted OSINT knowledge and share it freely with the world.

And we did.

Times change and so must we. In examining the future of OSINT Curious as an entity, our Board Members decided to move from an incorporated US-based nonprofit organization back to a community-based one. 

What does this mean for….

  1. Our blog? It will remain at with changes to some of the content. We will keep making blogs!
  2. Our Discord server/community? It will remain branded OSINT Curious with little to no changes. We will keep growing the community.
  3. Our YouTube channel? No changes. Videos will remain up there and we will keep adding to them!
  4. Our Patreon site? We recently took that down and are not accepting new donations. Current patrons were charged for the last time in the beginning of January 2023.
  5. Our RedBubble merch store? It is down while we investigate better alternatives to get you merchandise.
  6. Our social media accounts? Keeping them! And we will keep using them to bring our new content and programs to you!
  7. Our nonprofit? We will be terminating our nonprofit entity in 2023 and returning to our original, community-based organizational format.

To summarize, while our official organization is changing, much of what we do in our sharing of OSINT tips, tricks, techniques, and news will continue on with little or no change.