Webcast 20201004 – #44

This week’s guest is Julia Bayer (@bayer_julia)

Julia Bayer is an investigative journalist, innovation manager and trainer at Deutsche Welle. At DW´s Investigative unit she is diving deep online collecting publicly available sources to uncover the (in)visible using OSINT. Before that she researched and verified UGC for (breaking) news at DW´s Social Media Newsroom.

At DW´s Research and Cooperation unit, she is involved in verification projects like Truly Media, InVid and Digger-Deepfake detection. For the DW Academy and other media organisations and NGOs, she travels around the world training journalists in OSINT techniques and digital verification.  

Julia is the founder of @quiztime. It is about little quizzes to train and strengthen your verification and geolocation skills on your own or in a team. Since she started around four years ago a number of journalists and verification enthusiasts have joined. They provide every day new challenges. Come over and verify with us.

Julia’s latest investigation: https://www.dw.com/en/china-convicts-uighurs-in-sham-trials-at-xinjiang-camps/a-53699982

People in this Episode

  • Nico Dekens (@DutchOSINTGuy)
  • Matthias Wilson (@mwOsint)
  • Lorand Bodo (@LorandBodo)
  • Nixintel (@nixintel)
  • Sector035 (@sector035)
  • Rae Baker (@wondersmith_rae)

Links to what we discussed

Self Promotion

  • Make sure to check out https://sector035.nl where you can find the weekly OSINT newsletter
  • Julia will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming GOSINTCON. More info here: https://gosintcon.de/
  • Julia will host a session during the European Investigative Conference at the end of September. There will be also a live Quiztime session at the end of October. Make sure to follow Julia on Twitter https://twitter.de/bayer_julia
  • Dutch OSINTguy will be busy this week. Check out his website: https://dutchosintguy.com