Dial cURL for Content

The tool cURL is already over twenty years old, but it remains one of the most used tools by people, especially the ones working in the IT Security branch. It is used directly on the command line and can send or receive data from a website or IP address. Whether you need to retrieve information over HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP or any other kind of … Continue reading Dial cURL for Content

Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper

Ho ho ho and…Merry Christmas! It’s #OSINTuesday, and here’s our first blog post: Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper! On this week’s blog, we have three smaller blog posts, each of which discusses Python in relation to OSINT. In the first one, Lorand briefly highlights some advantages and disadvantages of automating OSINT with Python and provides useful online learning resources. In the second blog post, @WebBreacher … Continue reading Python, Your Friendly OSINT Helper