Webcast 20201115 – #47

Today’s special guest is Samuel Lolagar @osintgeek

Samuel Lolagar, aka @osintgeek, is a former law enforcement officer and now working as cyber risk engineer. As a studied detective, he investigated in cases of fake web-shops, internet fraud and product piracy. His further stations include the Hessian Ministry of the Interior in the field of extremism prevention and the Hessian Cyber Competence Center. Samuel Lolagar is teaching courses on OSINT, IT-security and privacy. He and Matthias Wilson are the founders of the German Open Source Intelligence Conference, a German-speaking conference regarding OSINT

Samuel’s website: https://osintgeek.de

Upcoming training with Samuel and Christina Lekati: https://fcihi.teachable.com/p/signup

People in this Episode

  • Micah Hoffman (@WebBreacher)
  • Matthias Wilson (@MwOsint)
  • Steven Harris (@nixintel)
  • John TerBush (@thegumshoo)
  • Nico Dekens (@dutch_osintguy)
  • Lisette (@technisette)

Links to what we discussed

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