Webcast 20201018 – #45

Special OSINT Q&A

This week, we thought we would use the time to answer your questions in this special episode, and as usual, we also discuss the latest news in OSINT!

People in this Episode

  • Micah Hoffman (@WebBreacher)
  • Matthias Wilson (@mw_Osint)
  • Lorand Bodo (@LorandBodo)
  • Technisette
  • Sector035
  • Ritu Gill (@OSINTTechniques)
  • John TerBush (@thegumshoo)

Questions We Answered

  1. Keep your profile public or private, especially when seeking security clearance?
  2. Is it possible to investigate social media (e.g. Facebook) without logins?
  3. OPSEC – do you use new phone numbers for different sock puppets or do you recycle them?
  4. What are some of the most important social media sites when investigating extremists?
  5. Have you read the entire book (Open Source Intelligence Techniques) and what do you think about it? How do you use it?

Links to what we discussed

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