Webcast 20200726 – #41

This week’s special guest

Inês Naricso (@IWN_LX) – Ines worked in the Portuguese Intelligence Service for 12 years. She started up doing OSINT in 2008 and later became an OSINT and online undercover operations project manager. In 2019, she joined Iscte Iul a Lisbon University where she teaches Digital Methods and conducts research on disinformation. Since then, she’s also built a company that uses OSINT to find people’s ancestors and build family trees. In her spare time, she also helps pro bono fellow journalists in Portugal and abroad in their investigations and women who have been a victim of revenge porn or intimate image abuse.

People in this Episode

  • Micah Hoffman (@webbreacher)
  • Nico (@DutchOSINTGuy)
  • Matthias Wilson (@mwosint)
  • Nixintel
  • Lorand Bodo
  • Sector035
  • Ritu Gill (@OSINTTechniques)

Links to what we discussed

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