Webcast 20190519 – #12

People in this episode:

  • Micah Hoffman
  • Dutch Osint Guy
  • Sector035 (Voice only)
  • Ginsberg5150
  • Kirbstr
  • and special guest MW-OSINT!

Links to things we discussed:

Links during question time:

We talked with Matthias Wilson, also known as MW-OSINT on Twitter. We talked about his blog https://keyfindings.blog/ and his employer CorporateTrust. During the interview there was also a question about investigating in foreign languages, where Matthias suggested https://www.deepl.com/translator as a good translation tool. And a shout-out to the course by Justin Seitz https://register.automatingosint.com/

Self Promotion:

  • Micah will be speaking at the Layer8 Conference in June.
  • Kirby has two open enrollment classes in Texas. See https://plessas.net/events