Thank you, copier

Hey everyone, my name is Micah but I go by “WebBreacher”. I’m an American, male and have been working in the infosec business for the last 17+ years. I’d like to tell you how I became OSINT curious. I’ve always been curious I cannot remember a time when I didn’t ask questions about how something worked or why something was the way it was. Like … Continue reading Thank you, copier

Welcome to the Community!

Welcome to OSINTCurious, a place for investigators and journalists, private investigators and intelligence officers, recruiters and everyone that is passionate (or at least curious about) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and investigations. While sitting around a table and chatting about what a great OSINT community is growing in pockets on the internet, some of us realized that there was a piece missing from our community. We … Continue reading Welcome to the Community!